Solution at a Glance

With the increase in vehicle numbers and population growing and concentrating in urban areas, the density within cities would soon result in a huge gridlock. To open the grid, Mobi’s Intelligent Mobility solution enables realization of congestion emergence, prediction of its development, and preemption of its progression.

Technology & Product(s)

Mobi’s solution supports decision makers, by addresses their 3 main objectives:

  • Policy Making – developing transportation master plan
  • Policy Execution – monitoring transportation network performance
  • Managing transportation services and traffic control.

Mobi’s end-to-end solution incorporates an IoT agnostic Smart Wireless Sensor Network for multi- sensor data gathering and external source data fusion, analytics of full spectrum traffic indexes and real-time calibrated simulation for prediction, traffic network optimization and addressing of what-if scenarios. Mobi’s applications comprise of Mobility Situational Awareness app, providing comprehensive understanding of mobility demand and network performance; Traffic Control app, providing precise prediction in multiple future horizons; and Mobility Optimization app, providing real-time dynamic pricing on toll road networks.


Mobi’s goals:

  • To scale up operations from Israel to new geographical markets
  • To find relevant strategic partnerships
  • To connect with cities seeking cost-effective Intelligent Mobility solutions
  • To engage with potential investors.